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Articles by the author

Navigating HelloTalk

Ready to Talk to the World? Let us show you around in this app tour 📱

Live Quick Guide

Go from zero to one and get set to host your first HelloTalk Live 🎙

Content Ideas for Live

Inspiration, ideas, and tips on how to create awesome live events on HelloTalk

Content Guidelines

Community guidelines help ensure a fun, educational, and safe space for everyone in the HelloTalk Community. Read up on how creators can do their part to promote a healthy community


Gifts are redeemable tokens of appreciation and encouragement for creators

Pre-Live Checklist

Go through this checklist for smooth running live events 🎙

Secrets to Success

Creator tips to succeed in the HelloTalk community!

HelloTalk 101

HelloTalk is where creators interact, entertain, and connect with millions of language and culture lovers from every corner of the globe. Learn more about what HelloTalk is and why it's a great place to create!

Personalize your Profile

Share your brand and personality with the community by customizing your profile 👨‍🎤

Safety Tips

HelloTalk strives to create a community for learning and discovery. Stay informed with the latest tools and setting preferences you can use to stay safe on HelloTalk

Creator Programs

Explore creator programs and find what's right for you

Voiceroom Quick Guide

Learn how to host Voicerooms that bring people together to practice languages, share culture, and create community!

Host Tips

Five must-know tips to keep your livestreams smooth and engaging on HelloTalk 💙

Understanding Verification on HelloTalk

Verified badges recognize the creativity and community building of creators on HelloTalk. Learn more about verification on HelloTalk

Features to Create

An artist needs specific tools to create and a space to share their work. Learn how HelloTalk gives creators the tools to entertain, teach, and connect with the world 🌎