Personalize your Profile

Your profile is key to growing your community on HelloTalk. Similar to a storefront sign or a company website, your profile tells people a bit about you and lets members follow and connect with you.

In this article, we'll cover some tips to help you bring your personality to your HelloTalk profile and help you stand out from the crowd:

  1. Add a profile picture
  2. Personalize your cover photo
  3. Write a self-introduction
  4. Customize your languages
  5. Personalize your tags
  6. Change your name and HelloTalk ID
  7. Share your profile
  8. Get verified


Tip 1 - Add a profile picture

A friendly face goes a long way and helps you better connect with community members. We suggest you include a photo where people can see your face.

Tip 2 - Personalize your cover photo

One easy way to stand out from the crowd is by adding a cover photo (note: this is only available with VIP membership). Tap the edit icon in the top-right of your profile and choose a cover photo from your album.

Tip 3 - Include a self-introduction

Your self-introduction is your chance to give your profile a bit of personality and express yourself as a creator. Share a brief bio, include links you'd like the community to see, and tell the community what you create and where they can find your content.

Tip 4 - Add additional spoken or learning languages

Adding more languages will help more members in the community discover you in the Connect tab. It will also allow more members to see your Moments. Curious about a culture or another language? Add additional languages (note: this is only available for VIP membership). Β 

Tip 5 - Add tags

Add some of your interests and hobbies, your hometown, or places you want to go. These are great conversation starters and also help HelloTalk better pair you with language partners and followers.

Tip 6 - Change your HelloTalk ID and Nickname

A HelloTalk ID is automatically assigned to you when you register. You can customize it to a handle that reflects your brand or matches your name. Note, currently you can only change your HelloTalk ID once so be strategic with your naming 😊

Tip 7 - Share your HelloTalk profile externally

Hit the share icon to share your HelloTalk profile outside the app. You can include this on your social channels or website to let people know about your events and creations on HelloTalk.

Tip 8 - Get your profile verified (coming soon)

Getting a verified badge helps you stand out from the crowd as a recognized creator on HelloTalk. This feature is coming soon and will include an application process for verified creators.