Features to Create

An artist needs specific tools to create and a space to share their work. HelloTalk gives creators the tools and canvas to entertain, teach, and connect with the world. The section below summarizes some of the built-in tools to engage your audience and grow your global following on HelloTalk:

  1. Moments
  2. Live
  3. Voiceroom
  4. Group Chats



Moments are public posts πŸ“Έ that let you engage with an entire community of HelloTalkers. Share photos, ask a question, or promote your latest event to members who are learning your native language.

a HelloTalk Moments post
Moments let you engage with an entire community of language learners



Live are real-time broadcasts for creators to entertain, teach, and connect with millions of people in the HelloTalk community. Live events also include gifts, redeemable cash rewards from the audience members. Engage the HelloTalk community and express your creativity while you get paid to create πŸ’Έ

Livestream on HelloTalk
Live events to entertain, engage, and connect with millions of language and culture lovers


Be sure to check out the Live Essentials for more tips and guides on how to get started with HelloTalk Live.



Real-time audio events to discuss interesting topics in any language, meet awesome people, and create community. As a creator, the stage is yours to decide where the discussion will go!

a picture of HelloTalk Voiceroom
Create interactive audio events and connect with the global HelloTalk community


Check out the Voiceroom Quick Guide for everything you need to know before your first Voiceroom πŸ•ΊπŸΌ


Group Chats

Engage with multiple members at once with group chats. Many creators have group chats so their followers can stay in the loop of Live events, new Moments, and interact directly with their fans. By design, group chats can be shared externally or posted as Moments so your followers can stay up to date with your activities 😎

A group chat on HelloTalk
Create group chats so your followers never miss a beat