Hosting Tips

Now that you've got the hang of what you can do on HTΒ Live, let's go over five essential tips to keep in mind when hosting your livestream:



Live, camera, action!

A friendly face goes a long way. Keep your camera on to keep your audience engaged and help with comprehension. The additional visual cues add extra context to what is said. Promote learning and understanding by showing learners how you pronounce certain words and letting them see the expressions and gestures you use.Β 

Closed captions

Captions are a viewers best friend. They help fill in the gaps of any words that may have been missed and let members cycle back to what was discussed earlier.Β 

Keep a spotlight on the stage

When you have multiple HelloTalkers on stage, it is best to stop sharing any PowerPoint presentations or whiteboards. Doing so will keep the spotlight on stage and let viewers focus on the dialogue, discussions, and audience interactions (the fun stuff 😊)

Add a moderator

A moderator is a great way to get a helping hand while running your HT Live. Moderators can help you manage the audience (stage requests, audience control, and comments), so you can focus on the teaching πŸ‘©β€πŸ« and entertaining 🍿

Be sure to exit the event

It's important to understand the difference between leaving a livestream and ending a livestream. 'Leaving an event' will exit you from the livestream but keeps the event running in the background. 'Ending an event' closes the livestream and automatically exits all attendees from the event. Attendees will not be able to rejoin the event after it has ended.