Content Ideas for Live

So you're familiar with how to use Live but aren't sure what to do on your first Live? Check out these ideas and start creating, engaging, and growing with a worldwide audience of language and culture lovers on HelloTalk.

Teach something

One of the coolest things about HelloTalk is it brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together. With that comes the opportunity to learn new languages, share culture, and open doors to new worlds. Creators can use Live as a platform to share and teach their own language and culture with other HelloTalkers.

  • Culture - breakdown stereotypes and share the history and traditions of your culture. From Mexico's Día de Muertos to Chinese New Year (春节) - there's a whole community waiting to learn from you!
  • Language - teach people your language. Whether you're explaining idioms, grammar, or pronunciation - HelloTalk is the place to share language focused content
  • Hobbies - with millions in the community, you're bound to find like-minded members to share your talents with. Be it art, singing, cooking, or calligraphy to name but a few - HelloTalk is a place to express yourself and share what makes you...YOU!

How-to guides

Passionate about something? Chances are you'll find others with similar interests in HelloTalk's global community. Connect through shared interests and go Live with a how-to event. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Learning guides - how to learn a language and hacks to fluency
  • Travel - must see places in Bogota, Colombia
  • Hobbies - how to get started with watercolors
  • Cooking - how to make the best tiramisu in the world

Show and tell

Share your gifts with the world! Let others delight in your creations and locations by sharing topics from home:

  • Your creations - share what you've made with the world. Whether it's your latest meal prep to your latest art project, HelloTalk let's you talk to the world and connect with a global audience.
  • City tour - walk through your hometown and share a local's point-of-view with the world. From local architecture, regional traditions, to ethnic food excursions and everything in-between, Live is a place to share.

Play games

Fun is the heart of most HelloTalk exchanges. Host a game night and play games with language learners from across the world!

Hangout and chat

HelloTalk lets members talk with native speakers from all over the world - breaking down location, timezone, and language barriers. Host a global hangout and chat with others in your native or learning language.