Secrets to Success

Now that you've got the hang of how to use HelloTalk, let's explore some of the best practices to grow your following and scale your reach within the community.

Find your niche

HelloTalk is a place to express yourself and celebrate what makes you - YOU! Share your unique story and find your place in the community. Whether you're sharing how to cook traditional food from home, teaching others how to speak English with a British accent, or hosting a Karaoke with songs from around the world - the community will thank you for creating in your own style and sharing your talents! Language and culture are a big part of who we are, and we can't wait to see what you'll bring to the HelloTalk community! 🌎

Define your goals

Ask yourself what are you on HelloTalk for and what does success look like for you as a creator? Are you after a specific number of views on your live events, are you hoping to find new students for your online classes, or are you hoping to make one genuine connection a day and learn something new about a different culture? Whatever your objectives are, it is good to quantify and qualify your goals to make sure you're on track 📈

Post regularly

Being consistent is crucial to your success in the community. Stay active, pre-plan your content (see content guide), and update your followers so no one misses a beat 💓

Engage your followers

Reply to comments, create a group chat, or publish a Moments post so you can engage with your existing followers. These personal touch points are crucial to maintaining your following on HelloTalk.

Go Live

Let your followers interact with you in real-time with live language and cultural events. You can create private or public live events, and public events are a great way to get discovered by new members in the HelloTalk community.

Reach out to the HelloTalk Team

The HelloTalk Team would love to hear from you. Talk to us about our Creator Programs, share some feedback, or ask us for help. We want to see you succeed in promoting language learning, culture, and community!

Have a Call-to-Action (CTA)

What do you want community members to do? Do you want them to book a class with you? Are you hoping they'll follow you so you can share your content with more HelloTalkers? Having a CTA can improve engagement and help you achieve your goals.

Put yourself in your audience's shoes

Are you hoping to entertain your followers? To educate? To inspire? Put yourself in the shoes of a community member and ask if your creation meets your intention. Does the Moments post help English learners with their grammar? Is your post likely to get a laugh and bring awareness to your profile? Thinking like an audience member is a great way to check if your content is worth sharing with the community.

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