Understanding Verification on HelloTalk

Creators are the heartbeat of the HelloTalk community. These hardworking, talented teachers and creatives do the heavy lifting of connecting people from different cultures and backgrounds. To recognize their creativity and community building, we're excited to introduce Verified Accounts ✅ for notable creators on HelloTalk. In this article, we'll explain what verification means, how to apply for verification, and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is verification

There are two main types of verification on HelloTalk:

HelloTalk Official Accounts - this account is managed by the HelloTalk Team

Verified Accounts - this account is verified as a notable community member

Verification gives you and other community members assurance that the person you follow or talking to is in fact who they say they are. In other words, it is a way for the community to quickly recognize which accounts are notable, active, and trustworthy. HelloTalk Official Accounts are directly managed by the HelloTalk Team. Verified Accounts are notable accounts from members in the community. Verified accounts do not necessarily represent the views or values of HelloTalk, but are notable and active members of our language learning community.

What verification means on HelloTalk

A verified account means that the account has been vetted by HelloTalk for authenticity (they are in fact who they say they are) and notability (they are an active member who contributes to language learning and culture sharing on HelloTalk). HelloTalk does not provide any benefits to verified members, such as additional profile or Moments boosts. The verification badge does not represent preferential status, but instead conveys that the account and the individual member have been verified for authenticity and notability.

How to get verification?

Initially verification will be by invitation only. Active HelloTalkers who create in-app content related to language learning and culture will be more likely to receive an invitation from the HelloTalk Team. We will inform you when applications are open for verified status. Stay tuned for updates on the Creator Portal.

Can I change my name and keep my verification badge?

The verification badge is associated with your unique username and account nickname. Changing your nickname will result in the removal of the verified badge. We suggest changing your nickname beforehand or letting customer support know that you wish to change your name and keep your verified status.

Why might HelloTalk remove verification?

Please note, HelloTalk retains the right to remove verification from an account due to changes made by the account user. Examples of such actions include but are not limited to:

  1. Not abiding by community guidelines
  2. Changing your account nickname
  3. Inactive account
  4. Change in account status (account status has changed since initial application)

For more information about verification on HelloTalk, please contact

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